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3 fun facts about kookaburras

Why do kookaburras laugh?

Join Sam and Luka as they share some fun facts about the Aussie kookaburra!

What is the collective noun for a group of kookaburras?

A group of kookaburras is called a riot.


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Fun facts about the koala

Fun facts about the koala

Hey everyone, we noticed that you all like your fun facts as much as we do. So my mini assistant and I have been working on some new videos to share fun facts we've learnt recently. Our first episode is about the sleepy koala! Enjoy Sam 🤗 🐨 🥳 🎥
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Who invented the pavlova?

Who invented the Pavlova?

The Kiwis claim that New Zealand did, Aussies reckon it's there's. Both countries love eating this delicious cake around Christmas time topped with yummy summer fruits.⁠

After a lot of research (and not enough cake testing), we decided to give it to our Kiwi neighbours and included the Pavlova card in our Explore New Zealand Flashcard set. ⁠

At least the Aussies have the Lamington, or do we??? 😕⁠
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Blog-20 ways to use stickers to brighten up your life in a quick, cheap and easy way!-Flash of Culture

20 ways to use stickers to brighten up your life in a quick, cheap and easy way!

20 ways to use stickers to brighten up your life in a quick, cheap and easy way! Our stickers are extra durable, waterproof, weatherproof and dishwasher safe. We love to brainstorm all the different ways to use them and to brighten up ordinary objects in our life. Here are some ways that you can add some wow to your day with our vinyl stickers.

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Blog-The rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy-Flash of Culture

The rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy

Everyone has a special holiday spot that makes them light up, for a lot of people it's Tuscany, and we understand why. 

Our sweet Tuscany design with the rolling hills in the background and the red Fiat 500 gets you daydreaming of a road trip around the Italian countryside. The design is also available as a poster if you want to take your daydreaming to another level.
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Blog-Australian rainbow lorikeet sticker-Flash of Culture

Australian rainbow lorikeet sticker

Our sweet rainbow lorikeet sticker is a winner, I even have it on my own laptop! This lovely review came from one of our happy Etsy customers. All our sticker orders come with a free thank you postcard too.
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Blog-High quality Australian flashcards-Flash of Culture

High quality Australian flashcards

Another lovely review to brighten up our day 🤩 We get this type of feedback quite often when people hold our flashcards in their hands. I purposefully wanted our flashcards to be far superior to the flashcards that most people are used to. 
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Melbourne tram sticker

Melbourne tram waterproof sticker review

A 5 star review from a happy sticker customer over on our Etsy shop. We have a great mix of stickers to choose from. They're waterproof and are made to last 5 years!

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Are quokkas really smiling?-Flash of Culture™

Are quokkas really smiling?

I wanted to believe that quokkas were joyful little Aussie animals living on their small island smiling all-day and happy to take selfies with the visitors, but it turns out it's not the case. They have protruding teeth that make them look like they're smiling 😄⠀
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How far can dingoes rotate their head?-Flash of Culture™

How far can dingoes rotate their head?

Did you know that dingos can rotate their heads almost 360 degrees to track other animals such as birds in flight? When I saw this fact, I imagined a dingo with a spinning head like an owl, but they can't actually go as far as an owl. The dingo can rotate it's head 180 degrees each way making it 360 degrees. But owls can actually spin either way 270 degrees!
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What do you call a group of emus?-Flash of Culture™

What do you call a group of emus?

A group of emus is called a mob. This is also the same name for a group of kangaroos. 🐦 🦘
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How fast can emus run?-Flash of Culture™

How fast can emus run?

It may surprise you to learn that emus are large flightless birds and their wings are used for them to balance when they run at high speeds. An emu can run as fast as 45kmph (28mph)!
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