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Fun facts about possums for kids

Fun facts about possums for kids

Hey everyone, in today's episode of #FOCFunFacts Luka and I have three fun facts about the possum and a few terrible mum jokes too. Enjoy ✌️

Possum Fact 01: How many different varieties of possums are there in Australia?

There are 23 different varieties of possums found in Australia. The main ones are the brushtail and ringtail possum.

Possum Fact 02: What are boy and girl possums called?

A girl possum is called 'Jill' and a boy possum is called 'Jack'.

Possum Fact 03: What do possums eat?

Possums are omnivores, so they eat food sourced from both plants and animals. Although they mostly eat plants, they have been known to eat bird eggs, lizards and small birds.

Possum Joke 01: Why do you see possums hanging upside down? 

They are cleaning out their pouches.

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Fun facts about the quokka for kids

Fun facts about the quokka for kids

Hey everyone, we are back with season two of #FOCFunFacts 🤗 🥳  This season, we have a new little assistant co-anchor who has wanted to join us for a while. 🥰 I'm not sure if it was the chocolate we had before filming or the excitement to be back that put us in a giggly mood. Either way, we had a lot of fun filming, and we hope you enjoy it too! If you can think of a better quokka joke than my terrible ones, let us know. 😉  

Is the quokka really smiling?

The quokka is known as one of the happiest animals because it looks like it's always smiling, but it turns out it's not actually smiling. That's just how its face is shaped, and its mouth stays open with its tongue out to keep it cool.

Where do you fin the quokka?

The quokka is only found in the wild in Western Australia on two small islands called Rottnest Island and Bald Island.

How safe are quokkas?

The quokka may be very cute, but you still have to be careful because it is a wild animal with sharp teeth and claws. If you do touch a quokka or feed them, you can get a $150 fine and sometimes more.

Quokka Joke 01: What do you get when you cross a cockatoo and a quokka?

A quokka-too. 

Quokka Joke 02: What do you get when you cross a crocodile and a quokka?

A quokka-dile.

Enjoy ✌️

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Facts about the dingo

Facts about the dingo

In today's FOC Fun Facts we learn about the Aussie dingo and if this cute animal would make a good pet plus a bunch and more facts. If you have a fun fact about dingos let us know down below. Enjoy 🐕 

Can you own a dingo as a pet?

Yes, you can have a pet dingo in some states of Australia. However, it isn't treated like an average dog; you need to have a permit and specific conditions to keep the dingo and people and animals around it safe. It is still a wild animal and has different needs to the average domestic dog.

Did you know that Australia has a dingo fence?

It is one of the longest fences in the world. It is 5600 km (3480 miles) long and was built to keep dingos away from farmland.

Can dingos come in different colours?

Yes, they can, originally it was thought that pure dingos only come in the sandy colour, but they can also be tan, brown and white in some colder regions.

What do you call a group of dingos?

The collective noun for dingos is the same as wolves. It is called a pack of dingos.

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