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Ways to learn and play with flashcards and the benefits for kids

Ways to learn and play with flashcards and the benefits for kids

The thrill of travel and different cultures the world has to offer no doubt excites all of us adults and enlightens us on the amazing experiences out there. But what about our children? 
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New Zealand flashcard review

Explore New Zealand flashcard review

A sweet 5-star review from a customer who gifted our Explore New Zealand flashcards to a friend overseas.⁠

"Wonderful card set! My friend who loves New Zealand will for sure love it! thank you so much for the speedy and safe shipping”
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Blog-High quality Australian flashcards-Flash of Culture

High quality Australian flashcards

Another lovely review to brighten up our day 🤩 We get this type of feedback quite often when people hold our flashcards in their hands. I purposefully wanted our flashcards to be far superior to the flashcards that most people are used to. 
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Did Pablo Picasso steal the Mona Lisa?-Flash of Culture™

Did Pablo Picasso steal the Mona Lisa?

It's Friday, so let's end the working week with another famous smile 😁 This time it's the most famous in the world, Mona Lisa's smile. Today's fun fact is a whopper, did you know that Pablo Picasso was jailed for the theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre in Paris in 1911? The young Picasso was later proven innocent and set free.

Are you loving our fun facts? You can check out all of them here! Or have a look at our wonderful Explore France flashcards here!

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Kiwiana flashcards for kids

Explore New Zealand Flashcards

We started ou Flash of Culture adventure firstly with the Explore Australia flashcard set. After the success of that creativity baby, New Zealand was the first country to pop in a Creative Guru Sam's head.
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Australian flashcards review

Australian themed flashcards review

I always have time for a dance break 💃🏻 when we get such lovely reviews over on our Etsy shop and have to agree our flashcards are great for kids of all ages. 
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