Kookaburra Sticker - High Quality Vinyl Sticker


DESCRIPTION: Our very cute Australian animal designs from our Explore Australia flashcards are now available as fantastic stickers because we know how much kids (actually everyone) love stickers!

These aren't your ordinary stickers; they're premium quality vinyl stickers that are extra durable. They're weatherproof, waterproof and scratchproof!

This cute sticker is of a laughing Kookaburra with his mouth gaping open mid-laugh. A great choice for those who love the iconic Australian bird!

FUN FACT: Did you know that the collective noun for kookaburras is a flock or riot? I couldn't think of a better name, some afternoons in our neighbourhood our local kookaburras are so loud they definitely sound like they're having a riot. 😁 

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SIZE: The longest edge is 3 inches (7.6 cms)

SHIPPING: Our stickers ship in an extra-strong cardboard mailer so they'll arrive nice and flat too.

PLEASE NOTE: Stickers are not 100% to scale in the product photos. For children aged 3+

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