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Blog-20 ways to use stickers to brighten up your life in a quick, cheap and easy way!-Flash of Culture

20 ways to use stickers to brighten up your life in a quick, cheap and easy way!

The Different Uses For Our Vinyl Stickers

Our stickers are extra durable, waterproof, weatherproof and dishwasher safe. We love to brainstorm all the different ways to use them and to brighten up ordinary objects in our life. Here are some ways that you can add some wow to your day with our vinyl stickers.

1. Water bottle

You can finally get your little one a water bottle they will love. Don't let your kid take their daily dose of water from a plain, boring bottle. Grab them a waterproof vinyl sticker and watch them keep track of how much water they've drunk in a day!

2. Lunchbox

Send your child to school in style by adding some decorative shine to their lunchbox. Vinyl stickers are dishwasher safe so that they won't peel off. Our unique stickers will glam your little one's lunchbox perfectly and give it a spectacular look. 

Stickers for lunch boxes

3. Suitcase

What better way to make your luggage suitcase unique than adding a few vinyl stickers? Add some fun to your travels by putting our weatherproof vinyl stickers on the suitcase. Your little one will be looking forward to travelling from the moment they wake up!

Suitcase travel stickers

4. Pot Plants

Have you got lots of different pot plants around the house that need a little more personality? Our kids have been adding our cute Aussie animal stickers to their pots, and an ordinary old plant pot now looks so cute!

Different ways to use stickers

5. Phone case

Vinyl stickers are stylish and affordable accessories to add to your phone case. While the stickers are great for kids, adults love them too as they are a great way of adding some character to your stuff. Add a little bit of flair to your phone case for just a few dollars. 

6. School Books

Calling together all book lovers. What's on your child's book that can arouse their curiosity and make them fall in love with reading? Well, there are endless possibilities, but few things do the trick better than a fun sticker. It's the perfect gift for your loved one who can't get enough of books. 

7. Pencil Tins

Growing up, I loved decorating my pencil box with stickers, but the stickers didn't last too long and would start to peel off. Our vinyl stickers are so durable that they'll survive the rough ride inside the school bag and brighten up an ordinary pencil box at the same time.

8. Skateboards

Encourage your kids to go out and have fun by adding some personality to their skateboards. It's a great way to arouse the recreationist in your kid. Remember, the stickers are waterproof and won't spoil in the elements. Let your child hit the pavements with a unique looking skateboard.

Skateboard stickers

9. Art trolley

We have a couple of the fantastic Ikea Raskog trollies rolling around our house because they're so durable and convenient for everything. We've turned one into our Art Cart and have added some fun stickers to it to get the creative juices flowing when the kids and I have our art sessions.

10. Bicycle Helmet

Are you looking to add a unique vibe to your loved one's bicycle helmet? We have loads of stickers to choose from. They have a durability of 5 years outdoors, even when exposed to the elements. Add some style and fun to your little one's cycling gear. 

11. Video game console

Another creative way of using vinyl stickers is sticking them on video game consoles. Don't miss the chance to decorate your kid's bland black console with some stylish artwork. It will give the consoles a personal touch while jazzing up gaming den. 

12. Laptop

Are you or the kids looking for something attractive and inspiring to put on their laptops? Customise your laptops with high-quality stickers and make your computer stand out from the others. 

Laptop sticker

13. Instrument case

Would you love to add some personal touch to your guitar (or any instrument) case? Adding a sticker to your case will stop you from picking up somebody else's case. Comes in handy if you are travelling, and there are lots of identical cases. You don't want to lose your instrument, after all!

14. Mugs/cups

Do you want to add some personal gloss to your kid's cup or do you need to distinguish between two of the same cups, so the kids stop fighting over them? There is nothing better than a water-resistant vinyl sticker on a coffee mug. Glam your kid's mug and allow them to drink their hot chocolates or babycinos in style. 

15. Fridge

Who says you can't add some style to your kitchenware? Don't let your fridge feel left out, add a sticker of your favourite animal or destination to it. We did this on our fridge, and it was a great way to cover up an unsightly dent (made by the kids).

16. Car Bumper Sticker

Add a fun sticker to the back of your car and share your favourite places or animals with everyone.

17. Whiteboard 

Is your whiteboard feeling a little drab and not making you feel productive or creative? We added a bit of fun to our boards by adding a cute sticker in the corner, and the kids love it.

18. Gifts

Looking for ways to add a personal touch to the Christmas gift? Sprinkle some pizzazz to that gift by putting some waterproof vinyl labels. See how your loved one's cute face lights up when you hand her that customised baby bottle with their favourite animal on it. 

19. Zipper bags

With a little 'sticker' imagination, you can make a kid's zipper bag look dapper. The waterproof vinyl stickers grip the zipper bag's smooth surface with no problems whatsoever. You just need to clean the surface and ensure there is no greasy stuff on it.

20. Plates

Personalise your child's plate and let vinyl stickers do the talking for you. The stickers are cute, adorable, and affordable. They are easy to apply, and their waterproof nature means they will grace your kid's plate for a long time. Your little guy will have nothing but fond memories of their feeding time. 

Check out our fun collection of quality, waterproof vinyl stickers here.