Maori Waka Poster


The New Zealand Maori Waka Print is one of the many fantastic illustrations discovered in our Explore New Zealand Flashcards, which celebrate New Zealand and the Maori culture. This poster, in particular, highlights the traditional Maori Waka (watercraft).

Maori Wakas are usually considered canoes varying in size from small, unornamented canoes used for fishing and river travel to large, decorated war canoes up to an astonishing 40 metres long. The earliest remains or signs of a canoe in New Zealand dated back to approximately 1400! They are made from a blend of both modern and traditional materials, incorporating ancient Melanesia and Polynesia features. Most importantly, Maori Wakas represent a significant mode of transportation for many centuries in New Zealand.

With the sandy shore, natural brown tones of the Waka, and the distant clouds and green mountains, the New Zealand Maori Waka Print is a beautiful display of a natural landscape with a minimalistic approach. Combine it with other pieces of our New Zealand Poster collection within your home as a way to appreciate the rich culture and historical significance of New Zealand.

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