Australian Animals Sticker Sheet Premium Quality


Our very cute Australian animal designs are now available in a fantastic sticker sheet. These aren't your ordinary stickers; they're extra durable, premium quality vinyl stickers. What does that even mean? Well, they're weatherproof, waterproof and you can also put them in the dishwasher too! Crazy I know, I put one on my water bottle to try it out, and it's still there and looking great!

The sticker sheet measures 5X7 inches (127 x 178 mm) and includes the following six die-cut vinyl stickers with white borders:

  • 1 x kangaroo
  • 1 x koala
  • 1 x cockatoo
  • 1 x galah
  • 1 x echidna

Our stickers ship in an extra-strong cardboard mailer so they'll arrive nice and flat too. 🐨 🦘 😉

Stickers are not 100% to scale in the product photos.
For children aged 3+