Australian Waratah Poster Art


Vibrant and inviting, the Waratah Art Poster emphasises the smaller flashcard version from our Explore Australia Flashcards. It celebrates the Waratah plant - a national emblem of New South Wales, which is a state in Australia. The Waratah is characterised by its bright red flowers blossoming atop leafy green foliage, which is depicted minimalistic-style in our art poster.

The distinctive strands of flowers entwine together beautifully to create a familiar "crest" atop the Waratah. It was proclaimed the official floral emblem for NSW in 1962. The Aboriginal people of Australia would sip dew from this flower in the early morning, embracing its beautiful essence which was believed to bring courage, especially in times when someone was ill.

If a splash of a contrasting red coloured flower is something that appeals to you as a wall embellishment, we recommend trying the Waratah Art Poster - especially if you call NSW your home.

Available in five different sizes (see drop-down menu above).
If you need a custom size please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper is in between a gloss and matte finish, providing you with highly saturated, maximum ink coverage. Because of its saturation and resistance to fingerprints, luster paper is a popular choice for photographic prints.

This listing is for one print only, frame and matboards are not supplied. All of our posters are printed by a professional printer using high-quality material and processes. In order to cut shipping costs and our environmental footprint these products ship directly from our printer in the US. Unlike our flashcards which we post directly from our Australian warehouse. So, if you order both prints and flashcards they will ship separately.

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