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Ways to learn and play with flashcards and the benefits for kids

Ways to learn and play with flashcards and the benefits for kids

The thrill of travel and different cultures the world has to offer no doubt excites all of us adults and enlightens us on the amazing experiences out there. But what about our children? 

It's never too early to let your kids in on the fun adventures, too. This is especially true if you are an avid traveller or a family that enjoys journeying to various destinations on the globe.

There are lots of ways you can get children engaged with the beautiful cultures, experiences, and sights out there in the big world. One of the best ways we believe encourages them the most is through travel flashcards!

What Are Travel Flashcards?

Educational Flashcards are a common academic and entertainment material for children - but travel flashcards take it up a notch. 

As you can see with our range of travel flashcards, they usually depict fun illustrations with an educational touch. They can display a variety of different icons, traditions, and experiences relevant to a specific country.

This is such a great way to introduce the otherworldly customs out there besides your home country to your children. Infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, and even adults can enjoy discovering about each country.

Let's look at all the different ways children can learn, play and benefit from travel flashcards.

Kids flashcards

Visual Stimulant

Flashcards are beautiful visual stimulants for infants. It's a great way to encourage their creativity and educate them from an early age. 

Infants require plenty of visual stimulation at an early age because they are at a crucial learning stage! Travel flashcards do a wonderful job of this with their joyful, exciting designs.

Vocabulary/Reading Cards

When it comes to their toddler stage, you want to start training their vocabulary and language skills. 

Travel flashcards allow you to interact with your toddler, practising pronunciation and linking different pictures with their relevant words.

When you travel, it's a neat way of educating your toddler on the go to let them learn and discover along the way.


Anything travel-related is excellent for Geography purposes! The travel flashcards make learning Geography fun for preschoolers and even older kids. 

It's important for all children to be educated on the traditions and icons of other countries, so they can learn to respect and appreciate what they have to offer.


Travel Flashcards are also a fun travel souvenir with their easy portability, letting you take them virtually anywhere with you. 

You can fit them in your travel bag, backpack, or handbag and pull them out to teach your kids while you wait at the airport or in the car, for example.

Furthermore, they are an inspirational experience for future trips. Get you and the whole family eager to explore all the world has to offer by familiarising yourselves with the variety of sights and symbols.


Most Travel Flashcards are fairly decorative, enough so that they make an excellent wall feature at home, in the classroom, or during trips!

They can be a lovely way to brighten up a children's room by adding a little extra colour or cultural significance to the scene.


Best of all, travel Flashcards are educational. They are, by far, the most convenient and traditional way to teach your children. 

Flashcards were around since the 19th century as a means to memorise vocabulary, historical dates, formulas, pictures, and many other subjects. 

With this in mind, they aren't just meant for use at home. Classroom teachers can enjoy them as wonderful teaching materials for young kids as a new, fun way to educate. Notice how your child approaches the ideas, beliefs, and experiences of each country. They are bound to admire certain countries over others - it gets them thinking and excited for future travels! They might just return home after school one day to beg you to take them to see the amazing Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Explore Australia Flashcards by Flash of Culture


It's a good idea to get theme-specific travel flashcard sets. For example, our travel flashcards come in Australia, New Zealand, and French-themed sets.

That way, you can educate on one particular location before moving on to the next. Our travel flashcard range includes many cards within each set, each with kid-friendly illustrations and captions (including translations). 

If your child is eager to learn about Australia, for example, they can discover the native animals, famous landmarks, and much more - all with the relevant name for a unique learning experience. 

These are one-sided designs, so you can hang them up decoratively and educationally without missing out on any details.

Kids playing with New Zealand themed flashcards

Learning Strategies

Here are some fun ways both you and your child can learn with our travel flashcards. 

  • Test both yours and your child's memory
  • Cover the caption word to practice vocabulary skills
  • Test the knowledge of each icon - e.g. What are some Koala facts?
  • Point out the colours in each design
  • Match/differentiate animals, plants, etc.
  • In the classroom, assign groups for a flashcard quiz
  • Organise the flashcards in alphabetical order with the captions
For fun, children can:
  • Compete with one another to see who rules in a vocabulary or memory contest
  • Create a visual-telling story with the different illustrations
  • Draw/replicate the illustration on separate paper
  • Match similar colours of the flashcard backgrounds/scenery
Some great flashcard games to try with kids:
  • Fast Flash - quickly flash the card, hide it, and have them guess what it was
  • Flashcard Duel - stand back-to-back with a different flashcard each. Walk away from each other for three steps then turn at the same time to say what the other person's card is. The first one to say it wins!
  • Lip-Read - hide the word on the card and lip-read it, so the other has to guess!

Travel flashcards really do make it so much easier and more joyful to immerse children in the big, beautiful world and its amazing countries. 

Fill them with the exciting knowledge and get them keen for adventure from day one through the fun travel flashcards - we're confident you're going to enjoy them, too!

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