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Can cockatoos really talk?

Fun facts about the cockatoo

Check out our video below and enjoy some fun facts about the cute cockatoo and find out if cockatoos really do talk?

How long can cockatoos live for?

Cockatoos can live almost as long as humans. They are known to live 40-60 years. The oldest cockatoo on record is "Cookie" who lived until 82 years old!

Can cockatoos really talk?

Cockatoos and other parrots are very good at mimicking all different sounds. People mistake this as talking, but they are really only copying the sounds people around them regularly make, they don't actually understand language.

Do cockatoos mate for life?

Yes, the cockatoo is a loyal bird like the kookaburra. Once the male cockatoos dances and impresses his lady friend, they stay together for life.

What do you call a group of cockatoos?

A group of cockatoos (collective noun) is called a "Crackle"

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