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Are Tasmanian Devils cute or scary?

Fun facts about the Tasmanian Devil

Happy Sunday and ANZAC Day!

In today's #FOCFunFacts we learn about the Tasmanian Devil and find out if they are as scary as their name suggests. We hope you learn something new and have a good laugh with us.

Click on the video below.

Where does the Tasmanian Devil live in the wild?

The Tasmanian Devil is only found in the wild in Tasmania because the dingo population that lives on mainland Australia wiped them all out over 3000 years ago. There are no dingos in Tasmania so that the Tasmanian Devil can live safely there. However, they have recently been released into a sanctuary in Barrington Tops, NSW, to reintroduce the Tasmanian Devil into mainland Australia.

Is the Tasmanian Devil a hunter or scavenger?

The Tasmanian Devil prefers to scavenge for its food, but it will kill small animals for food if needed.

Are Tasmanian Devils aggressive animals?

No, Tasmanian Devils are reasonably shy and will only attack humans if they find themselves in danger.

What is the collective noun for a group of Tasmanian Devils?

Unfortunately, there is no collective noun.

Enjoy ✌️