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Fun facts about the koala

Fun facts about the koala

Hey everyone, we noticed that you all like your fun facts as much as we do. So my mini assistant and I have been working on some new videos to share fun facts we've learnt recently. Our first episode is about the sleepy koala!

Enjoy Sam 🤗 🐨 🥳 🎥

Join Sam and Luka as they share some fun facts about the iconic Koala.

How long do koalas sleep?

Koala sleeps up to 18hours a day. Why do koalas sleep so much? The eucalyptus leaves that they eat contain many toxins, which means most of the energy is spent digesting these toxins.

What do koalas eat?

Koalas only eat eucalyptus trees that are native to Australia. Because of this, koalas are only found in the wild in Australia.

Are koalas marsupials?

You should never call a koala a “koala bear”; they aren’t bears at all. They’re marsupials, which makes them closer to kangaroos than to bears.

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