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Facts about the dingo

Facts about the dingo

In today's FOC Fun Facts we learn about the Aussie dingo and if this cute animal would make a good pet plus a bunch and more facts. If you have a fun fact about dingos let us know down below. Enjoy 🐕 

Can you own a dingo as a pet?

Yes, you can have a pet dingo in some states of Australia. However, it isn't treated like an average dog; you need to have a permit and specific conditions to keep the dingo and people and animals around it safe. It is still a wild animal and has different needs to the average domestic dog.

Did you know that Australia has a dingo fence?

It is one of the longest fences in the world. It is 5600 km (3480 miles) long and was built to keep dingos away from farmland.

Can dingos come in different colours?

Yes, they can, originally it was thought that pure dingos only come in the sandy colour, but they can also be tan, brown and white in some colder regions.

What do you call a group of dingos?

The collective noun for dingos is the same as wolves. It is called a pack of dingos.