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Echidna facts for kids

Echidna facts for kids

Happy Sunday! In today's fun facts we learn about the little Aussie echidna, not to be mistaken for the hedgehog! We hope you enjoy our video. If you have an exciting echidna fact you'd like to share, let us know :) 🦔

Are the echidna and the hedgehog the same animal?

The echidna and hedgehog are often confused for each other. However, there is a big difference between the two. Both are mammals but the echidna is an egg-laying marsupial. The only other egg-laying marsupial is the platypus. The echidna is also native to Australia while the hedgehog can be found around the world.

The echidna's spines (not spikes) protect it from predators.

When a predator approaches the echidna it rolls up into a ball of spines.

Does the echidna have any teeth?

The echidna doesn't haven't any teeth and instead has a very long tongue around 15 cms long. The long, sticky tongue moves quickly in and out to eat ants, insects and larvae.

What do you call a group of echidnas? The collective noun for echidnas is a parade. What do you call a baby echidna? A baby echidna is called a puggle. Stickers:

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